The videos below speak for themselves.  The plastic pick being used for comparison is a Dunlop "Ultex" pick, a very good quality pick with nice action and tonal character, but its sound production is nothing like a Tortoise Tone™ pick; you will hear the difference even if you're playing the video through laptop speakers.

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A NOTE FROM THE CRAFTSMAN:   My sincere thanks to our clients for their continued support and encouragement.   Email or call, and ask me anything you like; I enjoy hearing from you.   I  am humbled by the idea that this business would be just a hobby without your patronage.


Sam Weinstein
Tortoise Tone
™  Guitar Picks

Oakland, CA

            Demo Video 2:  Electric Guitar

      Demo Video 1:  Acoustic Guitar

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No wild or endangered species are EVER used to make Tortoise Tone™  guitar picks... we always use *FARMED* Red Ear Slider turtle shell, so EVERY PICK WE MAKE IS A SMALL CONSERVATION VICTORY.

Tortoise Tone guitar picks

Flat picks for all stringed instruments, hand made 

from farm raised red eared slider turtle shell.

Yes, Sam says "tortoise shell" in the video, rather than "Tortoise Tone™", and that is because the videos were made before we dreamed up the business name!  This is real, unedited video of Tortoise Tone™ picks doing their thing.