Yes, Sam says "tortoise shell" in the video, rather than "Tortoise Tone™", and that is because the videos were made before we dreamed up the business name!  This is real, unedited video of Tortoise Tone™ picks doing their thing.

The videos below speak for themselves.  The plastic pick being used for comparison is a Dunlop "Ultex" pick, a very good quality pick with nice action and tonal character, but its sound production is nothing like a Tortoise Tone™ pick; you will hear the difference even if you're playing the video through laptop speakers.


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A NOTE FROM THE CRAFTSMAN:   My sincere thanks to our clients for their continued support and encouragement.   Email or call, and ask me anything you like; I enjoy hearing from you.   I  am humbled by the idea that this business would be just a hobby without your patronage.


Sam Weinstein
Tortoise Tone
™  Guitar Picks

Oakland, CA

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            Demo Video 2:  Electric Guitar

Tortoise Tone guitar picks

Flat picks for all stringed instruments, hand made 

from farm raised red eared slider turtle shell.

      Demo Video 1:  Acoustic Guitar

No wild or endangered species are EVER used to make Tortoise Tone™  guitar picks... so EVERY PICK WE SELL IS A SMALL